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Firearm Services

Firearm Sales

Please contact us to let us know what type of firearm you are looking for. Once we have communicated the price, you will have to create an account to get your invoice for the sale and transfer of the firearm. Once the payment has been received and the firearm is in my possession, we will meet to run the required ATF paperwork before the firearm can be transferred to you.

Firearm Transfers

For firearm transfers that I am not involved with the purchase, please contact us to communicate with me about who the transferee is. Then please contact the dealer you are purchasing from and have them contact us to have them ship it to me. Once received, we will meet and do the required ATF paperwork for the transfer. Fees are: $25 for handguns, $50 for long guns.

Firearm Cleaning

We provide basic firearm cleaning, with costs based on weapon and degree of cleaning needed.

Learn to Clean Your Firearm

Learn how to clean your weapon (fees vary, based on weapon).

Firearm Training by NRA Certified Instructor Providing the following NRA Certified Instruction:
  • Basic Pistol Course – teaching basic firearm safety as well as improving your shooting skills and learning to maintain your firearm.
  • Other courses to be added in the future.
Please contact for course scheduling and availability.